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Today I went on a fabulous day trip to Kew Gardens. I was amazed at all the plants that had been gathered from around the globe and taken care of. Have you been on any trips or done anything lately that has amazed you?

on May 13, 2012


18 responses to “Today I went on a fabulous day trip to Kew Gardens. I was amazed at all the plants that had been gathered from around the globe and taken care of. Have you been on any trips or done anything lately that has amazed you?

  1. Nadiyah says:

    me aswell.

  2. payvin says:

    I went near Buckingham palace with my mum my dad my uncle from Cadner and my sister
    We saw the the consent on the big screen. on are way to Buckingham palace we saw six horse on the road.We saw two elder man that frighted in would war one and two .We taked photos of them.

  3. Nadiyah says:

    i went to hyde park with my auntie and my cousins and we did lot’s of fun things.

  4. Matilda says:

    Well on bank holiday Monday I went to Hastings, But unfortunately It was not hot/warm enough to go to the seaside there or swim in the water. Hopefully I can go there when its warmer so I can swim there! Everyone there where celebrating the Green Man Festival and They all had bits
    of green painted in their faces and all the girls/women where wearing flower headbands. (The Green Man Festival is celebrating the beginning of Summer).

    • reay3 says:

      What a lovely comment. Eventhough it was not sunny it sounded like a beautiful day. I like the idea of celebrating the arrival of summer by painting my face green!

  5. Tyra says:

    I went to Lego land !!!! and invited my families around and went on a scary and brilliant ride and was horrifying when it slopped down.
    when I was sliding down my tummy felt really really funny and thought I had some butterfly ‘s In my tummy .
    when I went home and saw another ride so I went in it with my mummy and went through the dark ghost house and stuff just comes right in front of me and did not want to go in it ever again but when I went home we had roast dinner in the night time and went to go and play with all my cosines because I have lots of baby cosines always playing with me and I always play with them any-time I wont to and any – time I know it ‘s the right time .
    when every one was at my house I helped them cared for them and looked after them while i was playing with my little baby cosines so I always do something for my mummy daddy baby cosines and aunts and uncles also granddad and grandma and all families even any – where I go to a fun fair , park , or any – way I go .

    yr 3
    reay primary school

  6. Izzy says:

    We went to a safari park when i was three. We saw giraffes and tigers .I also went to Marwell zoo were we saw penguins, gazelles, there was a cafe that we ate at and lots more.

  7. luke says:

    I went to Dover castle on bank holiday monday it was really intresting because they had actors dressed up in costumes which were worn in King Henry the second’s reign and they did some acting out of what would happen in the castle.
    Dover castle is in the south east east of england on the coast.Dover is special because it has the biggest ferry port in England it is also the nearest town to France.
    Dover castle looks really special because it’s massive and it looks like it must have been really expensive to build.
    The castle is mainly made out of stone, like most castles are.Dover castle was built around the 1100s,nine centuries ago so it is quite old i am suprised that it is still in good condition after such along time!!!!! I would have thought it would be really dark inside the castle but it was really lit up by the fires and the bright coloured curtains on the walls. Origionaly Dover castle was a saxon fort but Henry the second came and built a very tall tower.A fort is something which is used when enemys are trying to come and attack so the defenders put their forts on a cliff so they got a good lookout.The veiw was a very good one.You could just about see France when it was misty but it was really clear when the sun came out.


  8. Cordy from Reay says:

    I went to the London zoo on bank holiday Monday.

  9. Isabella says:

    WOW that seemes like it was fun:}but i have not gone any were fun resently.

  10. Skye says:

    Yes, the most fab thing i have done is go on a mushroom ride at a fun fair in France.

  11. christina says:

    ive been to a funfair at brokwellpark and went on diffrent rides it was fun
    c: its a smily face on its side

  12. mohamed says:

    I been to north london and explor it and it was sick

  13. payvin says:

    I went to Hyde park we did lots of fun things

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