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on June 25, 2012

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  1. Adam says:

    I wanted Poland to win but unfortunately Spain won. 😦

  2. kirsty says:

    oh one more thing mr elwood i love the victorions pictures and
    i love the whole blog and what is our new topic going to be because i
    really like the aincent egiptains but i like our sience more about the moon,earth,sun and
    p.s hope you do some more sience

  3. kirsty says:

    i love this blog mr elwood
    thanks for doing it
    p.s thanks

  4. mohamed says:

    spain won the euro 2012 cup

  5. Nadiyah says:

    well I dont know whos gonna win the euro 2012 either germany or spain.

  6. mohamed says:

    spain are going to wn for sure

  7. Nadiyah says:

    I think germany might win the euro 2012 aswell because they are very good.

  8. luke says:

    I think that the final will be germany vs spain either germany or spain could win it


  9. payvin says:

    I think Germany might win the euro 2012.

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