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What are your thoughts so far on our class book?

on September 28, 2012


10 responses to “What are your thoughts so far on our class book?

  1. lena says:

    i loved that book

  2. Nia says:

    I love this book and I the way Mr Elwood does and American accent. i would like Mr Elwood to read some more Louis Sacher.

  3. jamal says:

    I think that bradley and jeff will have a more better relationship with each other

  4. lav says:

    great book i want to buy it

  5. Adam says:

    I am reallllllllly enjoying this book.My favorite bit is when he said “Give me one dollar or i will spit on you”!:)

  6. Ishan says:

    Ha,Ha,Ha, how funny this new book is. My favarouite bit is his annoying voice he uses for his toy animals.

  7. tyana says:

    i like this book because its sharing a very good messange about lisening to your teacher because if we dident listen to the teachers we wouldent even know what 1+1 is

  8. tilly says:

    this is a great but the thing is i have read it so I know what happens

  9. J.L. says:

    This book is VERY interesting. It shows comedy and action.
    I enjoy Mr Elwood reading it to us.
    Could you read us more Louis Sachar book?

  10. christine says:

    i think it is a very interesting book about a boy names bradley and how he misbehaves but even though he misbehaves i think the book is very very very intresting.

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