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Please write a formal letter of thanks to P.C. Steve. What did you learn? What surprised you? Will you look at anything in a different way? (You will not need an address for him, just the letter.) Due Friday 21st March.

on March 14, 2014


10 responses to “Please write a formal letter of thanks to P.C. Steve. What did you learn? What surprised you? Will you look at anything in a different way? (You will not need an address for him, just the letter.) Due Friday 21st March.

  1. Christine says:

    Dear P.C Steve,
    Thank you for coming into our school to talk about our behaviour and the consequences that it can bring. When you came I honestly didn’t know your speech would make that big a reaction by the children in the years 5 and 6. I also didn’t know that such small things would be followed by big consequences. I certainly think that your speech has made a great impact on us kids. Who’d have know that picking a penny of the ground would still be theft.

    I was very pleased to hear that being racist is still a crime. Some children I know have experienced rasicm and when they told me about there experience I really didn’t want to be in their shoes. The thought of police barging through your doors and hand cuffing every person in sight is truly terrifying. I mean, who on earth would like to woken from their sleep to the sight of police men coming into your room searching through all of your stuff. Not me, I can tell you that. And it will be even worse if you’re in the shower.

    Nobody should be rascist. Nobody should be sexist. Nothing bad should be coming out of anyone’s mouth and I think that your speech might of just turned everything around.

    We all apriciated you coming and spreading your wistful words to us.

    Thank you

  2. Warren says:

    Dear PC Steve,
    I appreciate you coming into our school, taking up some of your own time to tell us about the consequences of what will happen if certain things are being done. I think the actions around school have been changing a lot ever since you came. My personal opinion is that others have realized what will happen if they carry on with the things there doing. I’ve also noticed that when you said the part about coming into people’s houses at 3:00 in the morning, faces started to give some more interest. I think that the children in year 6 and 5 are old enough to understand what will happen if what’s carry’s on. Decisions will definitely be thought about much harder in this school.

    You’ve taught me about some things that i didn’t know could happen and i think you’ve taught others too. I didn’t know that picking up 10 pence off the floor could get you in trouble. I also didn’t know that ages 10 and above can be arrested depending on what they’ve done.

    I definitely will think about what i do before i do it. Racism shouldn’t be coming out of anyone’s mouth. Again i thank you for using up your time to tell our classes about the consequences of what can happen in school/class.

    Yours Sincerely

    ( Reay Primary School )

    • reay3 says:

      Another great response. The mature and grounded voices you are all finding and using when talking about this subject are brilliant.

  3. Lena says:

    Dear P.C Steve,
    Thank you so much for coming to speak to year6 and year5. Since you left I had found a difference In most of the people I know. Everybody was surprised at what you said about how can crime change the life’s of the family.

    What you said made me relize that the small things can create large problems. Now I am sure to be careful of what I do in the future and I hope everybody who was in the meeting did to. I was excepting rasicm to be a criminal offence as it is one of the rudest things that could be heard on the street or any were else.

    To change, everybody in year6 must lead themselves in the right patch and know what they want to do in life. When you left I learnt many things also my friends
    . Parents and family members will be handcuffed if police have to search house
    . The criminal wont be able to get in and out of countries
    . It will be very hard to find a job if there’s something on your criminal record
    . Think before you act !

    Yours sincerely,
    (From reay primary school)

    I am very sorry you had to spend your time talking to us about criminal offence and law also to hear what was going on.

  4. Tilly says:

    Dear P.C. Steve,

    We were delighted for you to come in on Friday to give such an important speech. I think your speech had a big effect on the year five’s and year six’s and we will all start to treat each other nicely. Who could’ve know that picking up money off the street is still theft! And The Police would actually burst through your door, in the day or night and put every human in your house into handcuffs and search your house top to bottom until they’ve found what they’re looking for.

    Your talk has and especially the consequences of a crime had such an impact on us, that we now know doing something so little, whether it’s a hate crime or theft can completely demolish our lives.

    As you get older I realised the small crimes you may commit the outcomes/punishments will become much bigger and more severe. And I did know that by the age of ten you can be sent to jail and have a criminal record that is why year five and year six need to know that now they are all mostly old enough the police can get involved.

    I’d like to thank you for coming into our school and sharing with us what can really happen if you commit a crime now your old enough. You have really helped us all to understand.

    Yours Sincerely,


  5. Joni-Lulu ;3 says:

    Dear P.C Steve,

    Thank you very much for spending your time with us, in my opinion, I think it really has changed the way people act in our playground. Eventually, everybody realised the crimes that are in our every-day life and can destroy your life instantly.

    Throughout your speech, I began to realise that some crimes are some things I may see in the street rarely, I didn’t even consider thinking over how serious it could be! During this meeting, I noticed people with shocked faces, realising if they did the actions they use at school in public, they could very well be arrested.

    The thing that surprised the majority of us was that you and your colleges could smash down anybody’s door and handcuff every living human in the building and search through your whole entire home.

    We all very much appreciated your time coming and spreading your knowledge to us, we promise you that won’t need to speak to our classes again as we all understand that crimes are serious and everybody can suffer the consequences, no matter who you are.

    Yours sincerely,

    (Behalf of Reay Primary School)

  6. Ishan says:

    Dear PC Steve,

    Thank you for coming into year 6 to talk to us about our behaviour. We learnt a lot from your talk. It was shocking to find out that 10 year olds can be arrested for stealing, fighting and hate crime.
    Some of my friends knew this but I didn’t and I felt slightly anxious. At the moment teachers and parents punish us if we do something wrong but as we get older the Police Force may be involved depending on the case. It was good to know that we need to consider our actions and be careful not to break the law otherwise we could end up in prison.

    I was surprised and pleased to hear that racism is illegal in this country. It makes me feel safer because everyone is treated equally. You also explained that if you steal you can be searched by the Police at any time of the day or night; they could even come looking for the stolen goods in your house. The Police do this to stop the good working people losing their belongings to thieves who don’t care.

    At the end of your talk I felt that I have to carry on making sensible decisions and never break the law. Now year 6 have heard what the consequences are, I am certain that we can change for the better.

    From Ishan

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