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Homework. Due: Friday 28th March. Please come up with some suggestions/ideas for improving playtime and the playground. You can present this in any written form, including the class blog. Be sensible, especially when it comes to suggestions involving money (because there is little or none of it!)

on March 21, 2014


32 responses to “Homework. Due: Friday 28th March. Please come up with some suggestions/ideas for improving playtime and the playground. You can present this in any written form, including the class blog. Be sensible, especially when it comes to suggestions involving money (because there is little or none of it!)

  1. Taona says:

    There is a few problems in the playground, I think we all agree but there are ways we can change it.

    The boys who play it (not going to say names) are so fast that they knock over the little kids e.g. year3. I think the Idea of having our own time in the playground is fun because we have the playground to ourselves which means more freedom to play. I agree with Kai that two balls is not working because sometimes our class is bored of not having a ball. Also I think we should have weekly races that the TAs should start every two days. Maybe sometime an obstacle race in the hall at lunch times.
    I will like to say thank you to all the staff in the playground trying to make playtimes more fun and trying to include everyone.

    By Taona

  2. Kate says:

    Year 6 I think you are: mature, sensible and well rounded individuals. Your comments are well considered. I am going to to do my best to get some much needed play equipment for everyone, and hopefully we’ll have the library soon. Yes, it’s a good idea to have separate play times, not because I think Year 3 need it, but because I think you’ll benefit from more space.
    You don’t have long left at Reay so please make the most of it. Respect one another and treat everyone fairly. Leave a legacy as the best Year 6 ever.

    Ms Hartill

  3. David says:

    In my opinion i think that we should have early playtime so that we will have more time on finishing our work with quality. Also i think we should have more equipment (table tennis) because so far there are not many choices of playing and most of the year6 get bored outside

    Another idea is for some people to do there home work in playtime because some people cant have accesses to computers at home

    Thank you for reading – David

  4. kyelito says:

    I agree with Jamal and Nia that we need more sports equipment e.g. Table tennis because we could have table tennis tournaments at play time, and maybe in P.E .
    also we should get rid of the rock climbing wall because nobody uses it as much as before, and its getting old. If we do get rid of it we can have a 3-D monkey bars.
    moving back onto the table tennis could we have it in the studio because we could lose the ball if we have it out side
    Kyelito B

  5. Coco says:

    I came up with some good ideas we could try out in the playground:
    I find it really unfair because if it is not our pitch day the boys always have the ball and will not let the girls play. So I think that we should have two balls or take it in turn to play with it .maybe we could have some more skipping ropes in the playground because they are hardly ever out
    yours faithfully

  6. mahada says:

    I think our school needs more equipment because we do not have that much things. There should be longer play times Monday as it will be as it is the beginning of the week a new fresh start also there should be more fruit given out so every child gets some not just the younger children first.

  7. Tyana says:

    I think we should have lunch outside when its summer and that we should have sport equipment referring to Nia’s original idea.
    I do know about how the money is short and that we obviously cant probably afford expensive things so I wont go over the top! I think we should have playtime maybe at a different time (not trying to take tilly’s idea).
    I personally hope we can get a set of different things like monkey bars and swings.

    (will be continued)

  8. JEROME says:

    I think we should have a separate playtime because we are bigger and need more space to play . and we should get more equipment such as table tennis balls , it would also be a good idea because we could use the pitch
    i think to be able to use the computers would be good just in case we dont want to be outside where it is loud and noisy

  9. alfie says:

    i feel that we should have more equipment for our PE sessions and general playtime e.g cricket set like what Jamal said because our old one is all broken

  10. Adam says:

    There are several problems with our playgrond that we need to fix.

    I suggest we have our own playground because lately many children in our class have been knocking over pupils from other classes (especially people from Year 3). Also,when students from our class want to play ball games,we often can’t because other children want to use the area. This will also be a great idea because we will be able to go on the pitch much more. Some of us have friends from other classes however I don’t think it will bother us.

    I would love to get a ping pong (table tennis) table so we could have a lot more fun during playtimes but unfortunately we might not be able to afford it. Maybe if we did more activities like pyjama day,own clothes day or having a cake stall,we could save up and buy one.

    In what people call “Telly-Tubby-Land”,we should have a singing and dancing contest every month. The winner could get a prize like extra play with 5 people of your choice. In my opinion,we should turn on some music every week so children can listen and dance to it. Everyone will enjoy it. I think that we should go to the garden more so we can read or get some fresh air.

    Having lunch outside is a fantastic idea however people might leave their rubbish behind.

    I hope all my ideas are helpful,
    Adam 🙂

    • Christine says:

      If we do get to have lunch outside, there should be one totally random person from every class that stays behind a bit and makes sure everyone in their class clears up their own mess. Then, when everyone in that monitors class have finished, the monitor can go and enjoy their playtime while the next class with the next monitor come and eat their lunch.

    • warren says:

      i agree with your ideas Adam

  11. kai says:

    I think now as we are getting older Year 6 and I should be able to have the playtime to our selves. Because loads of children are getting heart like ( year 3) I think year 6 should have the playground to our selves and lest arguments would be made. I agree with tilly about having lunch outside it would make children more lively when they have there lunch and they would have more of a open mind and will be more happy to go to class.

    Also there could be more equipment in the playground which could be extended. They could be one ball for each class, to take out because two balls in the playground is not working. If we had one ball for each class everyone will be happy and they can play there ball games.

  12. Christine says:

    I quite like the playground as it is, but, there is room for improvements, lots of improvements. For starters, like some of the pupils of our class have stated, I think our playtime should be moved to another time as to make more space in the playground and I think there will be much less accidents if our playtime starts as soon as years 3-5’s finishes as it is us that bumps into the year 3’s the most and I’m quite sure that they’re fed up with it.
    I completely agree with Nia as she said that there should be more fruit to be handed out. I know that it means wasting more money but a packet more of bananas or pears shouldn’t be too much money. Most days, the year 3’s are the first to get fruit and I think that that’s not fair. I think that there shouldn’t be any class that goes first, I think that you should just get up and get fruit whenever they’re up too it.
    Also, I agree with Tilly and Joni~Lulu when she said that there should be more sports equipment in the playground as we are low on balls and stuff like that.
    Finally, as Lena (wow, I am mag-pie-ing (don’t know how to spell it) from other people) I would like to say thank you to Veronica as whenever she has been out on the playground, she has always been trying to get children involved in activities to make playtime more enjoyable and she has. But, I don’t want to thank just Veronica. I want to thank all of the teachers and teaching assistants that waste some of their break to look after and watch over us. So, thank you.


    • reay6 says:

      Magpie as much as you want. It is great to know you are all reading the other comments. Also, we are not wasting our breaks; it is our job to watch over you all and make sure you are safe and are enjoying yourselves.

  13. Ishan says:

    Play times have become a problem because year 6 have had many disagreements amongst ourselves and several accidents involving younger children. The disagreements have generally been disputes about friendships while the accidents have been a result of smaller children being unintentionally knocked over. Our size and sometimes behaviour has caused a few cuts and bruises for those younger than us.

    As a result I believe that the way to a better playtime is to separate us from the rest of the juniors at morning break. This would give us more freedom to race without causing injury to those lower down in the school. It would also help with disputes because children need their own space when they are involved with friendship problems.

    To improve play times even more we could have more team games such as: netball football, hockey and rounders. This would help develop people’s relationships with each other by learning to work together so there would be fewer disputes.

    Although we have a quiet area, it is not used properly and children are rarely allowed to go to it. I think we should re establish it and allow children to read, or play quiet games such as chess and cards.

    Lastly, I think that lunchtimes could be improved by having clubs like ICT, music, chess, art and puzzles. It would be good because there would be fewer children in the playground and the clubs would be another enjoyable thing to do in our free time.

    I think all these ideas would help make a better playtime for all the children at Reay. Do you agree?

    • reay6 says:

      Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to write such thoughtful and mature comments on this subject. I will make sure that they all get passed on and read by others. I hope that some, if not all, of them get acted on. What a great bunch you are.

    • Lena says:

      I really like the idea of clubs

  14. Warren says:

    Everybody knows that in our playground we have many problems that aren’t dealt with as well as we hoped. Many have complained that in our playground we have had problems about the speed of running in the playground. I agree that the speed may need to change, however sometimes it isn’t certain children’s fault but they will still get in trouble for it. Maybe we could have some board games or coloring in the studio. On Wednesday, instead of having it only for girls, we could have different activities for each class every 10 minutes at lunchtime. I think the bigger children should be separated from the smaller children in the playground. So for example: The smaller children might have playtime earlier then the older children will have there playtime later on in the day. Even though we are losing a lot of objects like balls in the playground, however i think that we actually do need other equipment’s other than balls and hula hoops. We are all aware about the money limit they may have to be used, but we may need something new soon so that our playground isn’t getting boring.

    I hope my ideas support you with your decisions.
    Warren 🙂

  15. Lena says:

    We all have to admit In the junior playground there always is something that happens to upset someone for example .year 6 hit into the smaller children at playtime and the equipment gets Broken or damaged in a way, so I think that playtimes for year 6 should be moved I’m sure it would help eventhough some of us enjoy to play with the other clases.

    Also I agree with Nias idea that we have more fruit in the playground as most of us don’t get some. Music is a big part in some peoples life’s so I think it would help them to get better at it and if people aren’t in to it now I think it will encourage them to get involved more. I would just like to thank Veronica because she’s always trying to get children involved in her games and adds activities to the playground she makes playtime even more fun.
    Thank you

  16. Joni-Lulu ;3 says:

    We all know that in our playground, there are ups and downs, and there’s always room for improvement, and as I am here right now and you happen to be reading this, why not just tell you now?
    Well, many have been complaining about the shortage of sport equipment and many of the staff has said, “But we have many.” What we really mean is on a pacific sport, for example, tennis; we don’t have many tennis related things in the playground that often. We used to have a varied amount of sports with some of the staff in the playground, although we do still have multi-sports, but some of us don’t want to come every single week though.
    Also, in the playground, there is a small area where you can do some drawing, that’s great and all but there’s barely any paper around and pencils, their all either broken or used. Maybe the teachers could move it into the studio were all the board games are soon going to go, it is a bit depressing writing and drawing in the cold, don’t you think?
    Many have agreed on having different times for our class as we’re really boisterous, loud and keep getting told off for bumping into each other numerously (basically we’re also clumsy), in my opinion we need a bit of ‘space’, the playground is a bit tight for us.
    I very much appreciate for you reading my suggestions, have a nice day!
    ~Joni-Lulu 🙂

  17. jamal says:

    Another idea that I thought of is: What people call “Telly- tubby Land” should be used a lot more for other games for example;duck-duck-goose or maybe we can use it to play chest or snakes and ladders because chest isn’t only fun it also requires a focused brain.

  18. Tilly says:

    I (like a few other people in our class) think that our playtime should be moved to a different time because some of us are a lot bigger than a majority of the children in the juniors. And we can easily damage them easily.
    It would also be nice to have a bit more playtime equipment as the yellow box (meant for playtime equipment) is pretty much empty. So maybe some skipping ropes etc.
    What would also be quite nice is if in the summer we could have our food outside. If we get more of the benches with the seats attached to them we could use them to eat our food.
    As Nia said it would be nice to have some swings in the playground. However it may cost quite a bit and the cost of things must be limited.

  19. jamal says:

    Also,in my opinion it is really rare that we go to the garden and i haven’t met Suki (Reay’s Gardener) in a long time in addition it is one of the best places in our school to enjoy the fresh air.

  20. jamal says:

    I think that in playtime we should let no one in the quiet area unless you’re reading or writing in a diary of some sort because a lot of people go there to sing and its called a quiet area also because when i play with my freinds we go there and we are told that we aren’t aloud there then they do it again and i keep on saying stop.

  21. Nia says:

    I believe that playtime and the playground can be improved massively. As I see it many year3s are being knocked by year6s and are getting hurt. In my opinion I think that year6s playtime should be shifted. Maybe to 11:00 or 10:30. Isn’t it clear that year3s don’t like being bumped into?
    Although some children play with other years I think it will really benefit years 6 and 3.
    In addition I think that more fruit should be given out so more children can get some; rather than just a small amount.
    I think that maybe we could get more music out so people can enjoy the self more.
    With your approval I was thinking, maybe getting a swing or slide in the playground because there isn’t much to do. To add to that the idea popped into my head of having a rota ( like for the football pitch) for the ICT room so each day a class gets a chance In there or get laptop, paper, colours and board games In the studio.
    I hope all my ideas are helpful.

    Yours faithfully,

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