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Homework. Due: Friday 9th May. Please write a guide with advice and information for someone lucky enough to be about to take their SATs tests. What is it important to remember? How should they be approached? What attitude and frame of mind should somebody have? What is it important that they should be aware of?

on May 2, 2014


12 responses to “Homework. Due: Friday 9th May. Please write a guide with advice and information for someone lucky enough to be about to take their SATs tests. What is it important to remember? How should they be approached? What attitude and frame of mind should somebody have? What is it important that they should be aware of?

  1. Alfie says:

    My guide to data if your going to do your sat then the main thing is to keep calm because stressing out could give you bad sats results. You just need to relax and take it easy . ALFIE

  2. Jerome says:

    Even though you may think that if you dont get a high score you have failed dont worry
    all you have to do is relax and do your best.
    and if theres a subject in SATS that you dont understand try and practice it untill you understand it.
    one of the most important things to do is have fun even if the tests seem scary you will
    fell alot better if you are having fun

  3. Angelly says:

    Angelly year 6

    Before you can enjoy your last months in primary school, and head off for the summer holidays you need to take your SATs.

    But don’t worry… SATs are easy as long as you follow this guide with useful tips!

    1. To have enough energy for your SATs, you should eat a healthy breakfast.

    2. Before your SATs you should always have early nights, so that you are not tired on the day.

    3. Always read the question carefully.

    4. If you don’t know the answer skip the question and come back to it at the end.

    5. Don’t Panic and try to be relaxed!

    6. All you can do is try your best.

    7. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Try practising a little bit everyday.

    Then when your finished enjoy your last moments in primary school and with your friends!! Dont worry to much about the results because you did the best you could do!


  4. Taona says:

    If you are starting SATs do not worry. Follow this step by step guide.

    1) Relax, don’t start panicking if you get something wrong just cross it out and try again.

    2) Believe, don’t start troubling yourself when things go wrong (that’s not going to happen).

    3) if you can’t think of an answer skip it and come back to it at the end

    4). Make sure that you stay strong

    5). Take the test like a pinch of salt.

    6). When the week of tests and tests and tests are over enjoy the last few months with your friends!!

  5. Adam says:

    SATS is something you shouldn’t worry about and these steps will lead you to success. If you are stressed then don’t be. If you are under huge pressure and your parents are parents are forcing you to do several SATS papers then you will soon notice that they are doing a good thing as it will help you get a higher level

    Step 1: Relax and believe you will succeed!

    Step 2: Practice a lot and you will get a great score!

    Step 3: Try not to worry as it might put you off!

    Step 4: Make sure you sleep as long as possible because it will give you a boost!

    Step 5: Have a very healthy breakfast!

    Step 6: Don’t be late!

    Step 7: Read the questions carefully and properly!

    Step 8: When you have finished the test, go back through the ones you have missed and if you have time, go back through the whole test!

    Step 9: Don’t get distracted by anyone and keep focus!

    Step 10: Listen to all these steps. They are vital!

    Adam 🙂

  6. Joni-Lulu ;3 says:

    If you’re having trouble with your SATs, you’ve come to the right place. This advice will (hopefully) sort you out and help you feel confident about the future tests that are about to happen!
    When it comes to tests, everyone struggles at either, not able to concentrate or trying to cope with the stress, here are a few tips into the journey of getting ready.
    If you’re working at home, don’t overdo it as it might overwhelm you with questions. Homework and Spellings can be hard enough. Try and get as much rest as possible (don’t spend your life sleeping though) so when you wake up for school the next day, either getting ready for the test a few weeks before or when the week of the test is, so you can feel refreshed and ready to start the day!
    When you have a break, have a drink and maybe some sort of snack to calm you down or have a run around to get your mind off of things.
    When it comes to taking the test, have a drink beside you if your throat becomes dry when you’re feeling nervous. When it come to reading the questions, look through them carefully to make sure you’re not going to make a mistake and think through your answer before your writing.
    SAT doesn’t affect your future, your future secondary school may ask for your results to see how you’re doing and put you in the right classes, but other than that, it’ll be a walk down the road!
    I wish you a very good luck for your SATs and don’t worry.

  7. Ishan says:

    Ishan’s guide to siting SATS successfully:

    1. In the months before SATS work hard at school because everything that is taught to you will help you in the tests.

    2. In the weeks before SATS revise and practise tests. This will show you what to expect and help improve your scores.

    3. A couple of days before and during SATS make sure you relax and have early nights. This will make sure you are awake and ready for the tests.

    4. On SATS day make sure you have a good breakfast. Some carbohydrates for energy ; fat to help your brain function because you won’t want to be hungry and distracted from your task.

    5. DON’T PANIC! Whatever happens won’t affect what school you are going to or what happens there. It won’t make anyone think badly about you either.

    6. When you are taking the SATS test you make sure you read the question CAREFULLY. Otherwise you will make silly mistakes that you will lose you marks.

    7. If you get stuck on a question have another go and if you still can’t do it, skip it and go back to it at the end.

    8. If you have any time left check your answers.

    9. After it is all over, ENJOY YOURSELF!

    These are the main things to keep you on track for a wonderful SATS. Good luck!

  8. david says:

    How to get ready for Sats (why do they make you do this!!!!)

    lesson 1: always get a healthy breakfast before you go to school so that you will get a jumping start (or just stuff yourself with junk food that might help)

    lesson 2: ALWAYS get some practice, you might not think this helps but trust me it does (well it helps me SO START NOW!!)

    lesson 3: when your doing the test remember to relax (try it now it might help) breath in and breath out, now look at your Sats paper (and puke) and try your best not your worst not your middle but your best (well duh)

  9. Tilly!!! says:

    Guide To SATS

    By Tilly, Year 6

    If you’re about to take your SATS then you’d probably be feeling under pressure and a bit stressed but there’s actually nothing to worry about, your SATS week will fly by and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the last few months at your primary school.
    Some people find the tests a piece of cake but then others find it extremely challenging. But you should never be ashamed of your score, as long as you tried your hardest and you know that that is the best you can do.
    If you come upon a difficult question and you really want to find out the answer, DO NOT COPY! If you copy somebody, you never know you could be copying someone who has written down a completely wrong answer and that isn’t the only bad thing about copying, also if you copy, you won’t be showing your teachers what you can do and understand. You’ll just be showing them something that you don’t even know how to do but you’ve gotten the correct answer anyway. In addition, you wont get any extra help because your teachers will think you know it but when they come to teaching it, you’ll have no idea what you are doing.
    If you find a tough question, come back to it when you’ve finished that way you can spend it bit more time on it. It is best if you put most time and effort into the questions with more than one mark, then you can get a higher score.
    When the tests come don’t panic, just relax and do your best. And make sure you’re on time every day, you can’t retake any tests.

  10. kai says:

    If you are doing Sats make sure it doesn’t get the better of you.

    Lesson 1:Make sure your strong when doing Sats if your not you wont feel relax and might not be able to get through the Sats paper .

    Lesson 2: Always try your hardest and don’t give up keep going to the very end.

    Lesson 3: If you want to get a good score do a little practice everyday for a few minutes and you will see a big improvement.

    Lesson 4: Don’t get distracted by anyone around you because you will lose your concentration.

  11. kirsty says:

    If you are about to start SATs then you better get in the grove
    here are some rules and lessons.

    Lesson 1
    When you read a question, make sure you definatly reading the text propley and make sure you consuretrate when you are reading because you sometimes put the right answer but not how they want it.

    Lesson 2
    Practice bits everyday just even a couple of minuits

    Lesson 3
    always try your best and never give up

    Lesson 4
    When your finnish go back through the ones that you think you need to do again

    Lesson 5
    SKIP! a question if you dont know it and go back at the end.

  12. Lena says:

    Do you have a sats test soon? Are you worried? If yes don’t be! Sats will be easy if you just relax and listen to these instructions.
    Lesson 1:
    First of all just take a deep breath and just belive!
    Lesson 2:
    Practice makes perfect. Keep practising every day and at the end you’ll relize that all your work payed off!
    Lesson 3:
    Don’t worry. If you worry things may go wrong. Be strong!
    Skip it! When your in the test and you can’t answer a question don’t stay on it for long thinking carry on with the test and when you finish go back to it. Easy!
    You’ve done it! When you have finished just be happy and forget all about the test have a bit of fun!
    Remeber practice makes perfect, belive, don’t worry, be strong and relax!

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