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Homework. Due: 18th June 2014. Please post your secondary school information homework here if you want!

on June 18, 2014



One response to “Homework. Due: 18th June 2014. Please post your secondary school information homework here if you want!

  1. Secondary School
    By Tilly

    Secondary school is probably going to be one of the biggest changes in my life; I vaguely know what some of it is like as I have heard stories about it from my brother.

    One of the things that will be different will be the number of pupils and the different sizes of both schools. Also, there will be many teachers, different classrooms and I’ll have to move throughout the school between each lesson. It will be quite confusing in the first couple of weeks but after I while I think I’ll get used it and I’ll be able to cope. Getting detention will be very different and new as well, but hopefully I won’t get too many!

    I can’t think of a lot of things that will be the same but I’m sure the lunches will be pretty similar and the classrooms (I think) will be alike.

    I’m looking forward to secondary school because I’ll be able to meet new people and make friends, which is usually quite hard for me. I’m also looking forward to the great opportunities and the amazing trips: the big ones and the small ones. I’m looking forward to learning and expanding my knowledge with languages as I’ll have the great chance to be a language specialist.

    One of the things that I’ll not be looking forward to is HOMEWORK, I’ve seen how much homework my brother gets and I am not looking forward to the never-ending piles (that don’t go down). As well that I’ve got to detentions coming my way, you can get detentions for the littlest thing, like talking. And at primary school, you may get warning or miss five minutes of play, a big difference to a detention.

    Although I will miss Reay, it will also be really nice to have a fresh new start. It has been a great and encouraging school and it is helping me to prepare for secondary school.

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