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How do you think the WW1 troops felt in the trenches?

on September 10, 2014



31 responses to “How do you think the WW1 troops felt in the trenches?

  1. __R@@P__ says:

    It probably was scary hearing bullets fly past your head.

  2. David says:

    Absolutely terrible

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think they felt miserable because the trenches were damp, cold and noisy.

  4. lydia says:

    the world war 1 trenches might of felt scared because bombs might of shot people up in the air.

  5. ***********DEREK says:

    I think that they are sad they cant leave but at thee same time they are happy because they are fighting for their country.If they do survive they would be depressed because their friends died.

  6. #CONOR!!!!!! says:

    Lonely and sad because they are away from home and there friends have died

  7. jamal says:

    I feel sorry for them because they have to se there team mates die

  8. melika says:

    i think they felt sad and lonely but also happy

  9. Payvin says:

    There had trench foot by the cold damp dirty mud in there boots there legs could of been amputated

  10. Mimi says:

    I Think They Felt Horrible.

  11. jude and kyron james bond snake 123 says:

    I like this blog

  12. __R@@P__ says:

    They probably feel proud to die for there country.

  13. isabella says:

    dead bodies every where so horrible and cold i am in danger oh no .

  14. tyra says:

    really miserable , upset , terrified and frightened

  15. Wisam says:

    they felt really stuck because they didn’t know what to do

  16. skye says:

    I think they would feel scared ,tired and miserable. They need a bath

  17. Mohamed says:

    They felt wet and damp

  18. Nadiyah says:

    I feel like they were Emotional and Determined

  19. jude says:

    I think they might be feeling frightened, scared and miserable.

  20. christina says:

    I think they feel scared horrible and iterated

  21. e r mias says:

    they must have felt scared in the eerie thin gap.

  22. tasnim says:

    i think they feel determined

  23. __R@@P__ says:

    I think they think that they need a bath or shower.

  24. isabella says:

    Horrible & Sad
    safe but cold
    trying not to show that your in depress.

  25. ADAM says:


  26. mathias says:

    I think they felt ¦cold and weary

  27. Luke says:

    they must of felt really grim

  28. georgia says:

    Georgia I think they are hungry and lonely

  29. Nadiyah says:

    Miserable, and worried!

  30. ilyes says:

    they felt really scared

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