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Welcome to Ms Lovell's blog at Reay Primary School!

Homework. Due: Friday 9th May. Please write a guide with advice and information for someone lucky enough to be about to take their SATs tests. What is it important to remember? How should they be approached? What attitude and frame of mind should somebody have? What is it important that they should be aware of?


Homework. Due: Friday 28th March. Please come up with some suggestions/ideas for improving playtime and the playground. You can present this in any written form, including the class blog. Be sensible, especially when it comes to suggestions involving money (because there is little or none of it!)


Two children have been in the national news this week because of homework. One has been protesting in school because he was not being given enough; the other wrote to the Prime Minister because of too much being given. What are your thoughts?



Please write a formal letter of thanks to P.C. Steve. What did you learn? What surprised you? Will you look at anything in a different way? (You will not need an address for him, just the letter.) Due Friday 21st March.